Cast List for “Mamma Mia!”

Directed By Marc C Edson

Music Direction by Tamara Allspaugh

Choreography by Melinda Buzan

WOW! Over 60 people put their inhibitions on the line and auditioned for Mamma Mia! Amazing…. Made the casting decisions very tough. Thank you ALL for auditioning….

For those not cast, do not despair! There are so many factors that go into the casting process and fitting all the pieces together for a cohesive show is very difficult. Thank you SO much for sharing your talents!

For those cast, congrats and we will be in touch shortly with a date for our first get together.

Marc & Tamara

Sophie Sheridan:         Talia Rempel

Ali:                                 Ashiah Scharaga

Lisa:                               Holly Quick

Donna Sheridan:          Leah Christie

Tanya:                           Christi Harrington

Rosie:                             Judi Stricklan

Sky:                                Nick Reiner

Pepper:                         Derek Anderson

Eddie:                            TBA

Harry Bright:                Michael Walker

Bill Austin:                     Bill Petree

Sam Carmichael:          Tom O’Connor

Father Alexandrios:     Oscar Magana Jr.

ENSEMBLE:               Abel Roche

Courtney Barnett

Frayka Harmsen

Jess Hanf

John Davis

Lili Phung

Lisa Saldano

Rob Cannaday

Robbie Hansen

Yamileth Lomeli

TBA (young man)


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