CAST LIST for “Cheaper by the Dozen”

 Mr. Gilbreth            Justin McDavitt

 Mrs. Gilbreth          Eleanor Forbes

Anne                        Alexis Eckland

Ernestine                 Natalie Bridgnell

Martha                    Maddie Smith

Frank                       Trevor Adams 

Lilian                       Natalie Kusie

Bill                           Jaxon Hambleton

Fred                        Ethan Hoe

Dan                         Sean Sandeman

 Jackie                      Larisa Robinson

 Mrs. Fitzgerald      Sue Wolheim

 Miss Brill                Terri Bongers

 Joe Scales              Ryan Matrai

 Larry                       Alex Limper

 Dr. Burton              Rick Barton



CASTING CALL for “Spamalot”!

Sunday & Monday, June 25 & 26 @ 6:00pm

@ Chico Theater Company, 166 Eaton Rd, Chico

Directed by Joey Mahoney

Music Direction by Dara Scholtz

 Please come prepared with at least 32 bars of sheet music to perform an audition song. Sheet music is preferred but backing tracks without any vocals are acceptable.


Name                                      Gender           Part Size         Vocal Part

Sir Lancelot                             Male                Lead                Tenor, Baritone

The Lady of the Lake             Female             Lead                Alto

King Arthur                            Male                Lead                Baritone

Sir Robin                                 Male                Lead                Tenor, Baritone

Sir Bedevere                           Male                Supporting      Baritone

Prince Herbert                         Male                Supporting      Tenor

Mayor                                      Male                Supporting     

Sir Dennis Galahad                 Male                Supporting      Tenor

Patsy                                       Male                Supporting      Baritone

The Historian                          Male                Supporting      Spoken

Not-Dead-Fred                       Male                Supporting     

Brother Maynard                    Male                Featured

Sir Not-Appearing-in-this-show   Male          Featured

The French Taunter                 Male                Featured

Tim the Enchanter                   Male                Featured

Knight of Ni                           Male                Featured

Concorde                                Male                Featured

Prince Herbert’s Father           Male                Featured

The Black Knight                    Male                Featured

Dennis’s Mother                      Male                Featured

Ensemble                                 Either Gender Ensemble        


Spamalot tells the legendary tale of King Arthur’s quest to find the Holy Grail. Inspired by the classic comedy film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the musical also diverts a bit from more traditional versions of the legend. Instead, Spamalot features shenanigans including a line of beautiful dancing girls, flatulent Frenchmen, and killer rabbits. Outside, there is plague with a 50% chance of pestilence and famine. Throughout the show, Arthur, traveling with his servant Patsy, recruits several knights to accompany him on his quest, including Sir Bedevere, Sir Robin, Sir Lancelot, and Sir Galahad. Besides the rabbits and farting Frenchman, they meet such characters as the Lady of the Lake, Prince Herbert, Tim the Enchanter, Not Dead Fred, the Black Knight, and the Knights who say Ni.

For More Information: 
Call Chico Theater Company at 894-3282

For further information call 530.894.3282



It’s a Wonderful Life, the musical” : Sunday & Monday, August 27 & 28 @ 6:00pm


For some good advice on picking your audition song CLICK HERE


Chico Theater Company (CTC) is a community based theater. We rely on the help, dedication and commitment of the talented actors, actresses, technical crew and volunteers. CTC does NOT have a troupe of actors. All show auditions are open to anyone who would like to try out. Please show up on time, come prepared with the required audition materials (song, dance, readings, etc.) and be willing to commit to the schedule and work required to perform in a CTC show.

For further information call Chico Theater Company at 530-894-3282