Youth Theater: The Storybook Reunion Murders!


The alumni of Aesop Academy, a school for nursery rhyme characters, are having a reunion. Unfortunately, so are the alumni of Grimm High, their cross-town rivals… and both gatherings have been scheduled for the same time and place! Bitter enemies — like Peter and the Wolf, Toto and the Witch, and Jack and the cow he sold for magic beans — face off. Old grudges are rekindled, and tensions run high. The powder keg explodes when the Cat is killed (and not by curiosity!), followed by Piggy, whose melodramatic death scene causes someone to observe, “Sheesh! What a ham!” And in the middle of all this chaos, all Queen can say is “Another one bites the dust!” There’s no end to the laughs as the two warring schools team up to solve the mystery… or risk suffering the same fate! The jokes and twists abound in this delightful romp!

Performances will be held on the CTC Starlight Stage in our rear parking lot.

Performances are May 14 @ 7PM, May 15 @ 2PM and May 15 @ 7PM.

General Seating $5 each

To but tickets on-line CLICK HERE or call 530.894.3282