Play On! Preview

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Play On! Preview

Wacky comedy ‘Play On!’ takes stage

at Chico Theater Company

By VERDA MACKAY-Correspondent to Chico Enterprise-Record

POSTED:   08/22/2013


Chico Theater Company presents the comedy “Play On!” (Contributed photo)Anyone who has been involved with a community theatrical production could identify with the havoc taking place on stage when Chico Theater Company presents, “Play On!” Murphy’s law will be in full swing with, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” This hysterically funny show runs from Sept. 7 through Sept. 22.

Beau Scarbrough makes his directing debut with “Play On!,” assisted by Cara Lamumba. Costuming is by Jill Ramsey.

Playwright Rich Abbott wrote his play as the fictional Dunbar Drama Society attempting to produce a play. The setting is now changed to Chico Theater Company. That alone conjures up a ridiculous idea since this community theater is known for fantastic family-friendly directing.

” ‘Play On!’ is the small, community theater version of the Broadway play, ‘Noises Off,'” Scarbrough said. “This will have a different feel to it because it has that real-life element to it. People get to see the process that community theater actors go through in order to get a play ready. Dress rehearsal before opening goes wrong. Costumes don’t work. The technical part is up in the air, and the novice playwright shows up each act to give her own advice.”

The three-act, rib-tickling play takes place in Chico. A local eccentric author has written a royalty-free murder mystery, “Murder Most Foul,” for the struggling community theater group. The play is an Agatha Christie knockoff and the author continues to bring rewrites to every rehearsal.

“‘Murder Most Foul’ is set in the Victorian era of the early 1890s,” Scarbrough said. “When the actual character actors come for rehearsals, they are in present time. One of the good things about this play is it’s an actor portraying an actor portraying a part in a play. So our actors get to play two different characters.”

In addition to the role of the annoying author Phyllis Montague, played by Silona Reyman, “Play On!” boasts an exemplary cast. Jennifer Peacock is the frustrated director, Gerry Dunbar, and Shelley Manera is the stage manager and prompter, Aggie Manville.

The important role of sound, lighting and technical manager, Louise Peary, is portrayed by Lindset Rasmussen.

Character actors in the murder mystery play are Lynn Traux as Henry Benish (Lord Dudley), JJ Hunt as Polly Benish (Lady Margaret), Marc Edson as Saul Watson (a villain), JD Amaral as Billy Carewe (a juvenile), Roxanne Barrett as Violet Imbry (Lady Diana) and Kendall Young as Smitty Smith (a maid).

“The third act is opening night for ‘Murder Most Foul,'” Scarbrough said. “The audience will see it at a heightened speed in order to accommodate everything. That is where they see everything goes wrong.”

Audiences are invited to come and experience the gleeful fun of this cleverly concocted comedy at Chico Theater Company. For ticket information and reservations: 894-3282 or visit or book tickets on-line at

When: Sept. 7-Sept. 22. Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights (7:30 p.m.); Sunday Matinee (2 p.m.).

Where: Chico Theater Company, 166 W Eaton Road

Tickets: Adult ­ $20, Children 12 & Under ­ $12

Call for tickets, 894-3282

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  1. Hello!! I am moving up to the area and look forward to being a part of this wonderful theater company!! I have years of experience in musical theater and live music and can’t wait to audition!! See you soon!

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